We work hard to make the acquisition process smooth, quick and easy for all stakeholders involved and the team members that will be transitioning over to the National OnDemand team.  One of the ways that we make this a positive for the team members, is we always recognize the tenure that a team member may have within your organization today and we recognize that tenure within National OnDemand to help remind everyone that we are here to add to the career development and being a part of an acquisition is a great way to join the National OnDemand team!

Tim Standafer and Douglas Boteler

If you think you may be interested please reach out and let us know.  We maintain strict confidentiality to anyone that reaches out to protect the integrity of your business and the relationships that you have with both your clients and your team members.  We look forward to meeting with you soon and getting to know more about your business.

We understand the importance of discretion. All inquiries will be treated confidentially by our Mergers & Acquisitions team.