Our Story

Douglas Boteler, Chief Executive Officer for National OnDemand, began his career in 2005 as a field technician and within months had an opportunity to start his own business delivering technology services to the small hometown where he grew up. From 2005 to 2017 he built his company from a few technicians to over 250.

Tim Standafer, Chief Operating Officer, began his career in 1988 when he took over his father’s underground construction business. Tim continued to build his family business from 1988 to 2017 as a full turnkey service provider with a strong focus in construction.

Douglas Boteler – CEO
Tim Standafer
Tim Standafer – COO

In 2017, Tim and Douglas merged their two companies together to create the National platform known today as National OnDemand, Inc., which now has over 1,000 team members and growing.

National OnDemand has grown quickly through providing exceptional results for our clients and customers, and by finding and partnering with companies who share our goals and commitment to excellence.  Our strength has come from our ability to form a large national platform through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions from which we can deliver profitable results to clients across the nation, on demand, in multiple sectors. 

Both Douglas and Tim understand what it takes to build a business and the value that all the team members play in the ultimate success of the organization. They are actively engaged in the business and have a very strong team of operational leaders who support the organization. They intend to leverage all of our experience, expertise and full turnkey services in order to generate growth, cultivate relationships with potential customers and vendors, increase efficiency, and drive innovation.

Though National OnDemand started in construction of Fiber and installation of Technology, we’ve been able to expand our offerings to a full suite of services including Wireless and Energy infrastructure. Our operational directors oversee their own territories and are empowered to deliver results to meet the client’s satisfaction. At the same time, they benefit from having a centralized corporate staff who handles recruitment, human resources, finance and executive leadership. This operational structure allows National OnDemand to continue implementing its strategy for dynamic growth.

Core Values