National OnDemand ‘raises the bar’ in hulking delivery Near Houston

National OnDemand partnered with Mid-South Electric and Deep South Crane and Rigging to prevent network outages during a massive delivery from BWFS Industries.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES – Residents living on the outskirts of Houston, Texas may have witnessed crews of trucks transporting a gargantuan piece of shining equipment through their communities. On Wednesday, June 15th, National OnDemand, Inc. partnered with Mid-South Electric Co-Op and Deep South Crane and Rigging to assist BWFS Industries in delivering a separator to a refinery in Old Ocean, Texas.

Weighing in excess of a million pounds, the item was the size of a small building at over two stories high and nearly as long as a city block. National OnDemand assisted in the transportation of the equipment by raising the fiber network cables above the height of the load at every road crossing between Mount Houston and Old Ocean to avoid any network outages for customers in southeastern Texas. The collaborative endeavor resulted in a flawless delivery spanning 38 miles and 61 road crossings over the course of three days without a single outage, effectively delivering a refinery component necessary for increasing energy production in the United States.

National OnDemand trucks lift fiber wires to allow the component to pass without clipping.
National OnDemand Trucks sit on standby to ensure the unit passes safely.

The delivery was: 

  • A partnership between National OnDemand, Mid-South and BWFS Industries 
  • 25 feet high, 21 feet wide, 280 feet long 
  • Over a million pounds 
  • Conducted without a single safety issue or customer outage through effective communication 
  • The first in a series of five similar operations 
  • Driven around the outskirts of Houston to minimize traffic issues, including Montgomery 
  • A separator; separates water from oil  

National OnDemand has been installing fiber in southeastern Texas for years. Since then, National has become a respected and integral part of the community by assisting with large scale construction efforts, including clearing the way for the fuel refinery unit. National’s dedication to safety and efficiency not only facilitated the load reaching its destination by clearing the cables as potential hazards, but also did so without impacting any of the nearby residents. Relevant leadership personnel and safety managers prevented any safety violations from occurring.

  • Each crossing acted as a command center for the operation and was equipped with two trucks and a construction manager to ensure safety protocols were followed. 
National OnDemand crews raise fiber cables in preparation for the separator’s voyage.
Assisting with Transport of Fuel Refinery Separator | National OnDemand, Inc.

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