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National OnDemand to Host live stream of Burlington, North Carolina Christmas Parade 

National OnDemand announced today that it plans to offer a free online stream of the annual Burlington, N.C. Christmas Parade.  The stream will be available starting at 10:00 a.m. EDT, November 19, 2022 on National OnDemand’s YouTube channel.


Rapid Expansion in Chase City, VA for National OnDemand

National OnDemand announced today that it has opened an office in Mecklenburg County, V.A. The office space will be used as a central location for operations related to fiber construction for rural areas of southern Virginia.


Broadband Networks Accelerate Internet Speeds and Quality of Life

Various issues in rural communities are finally being addressed thanks to high speed internet. Telehealth services offer solutions to people unable to get to a doctor’s office to see a professional, as well as getting their prescription drugs delivered if they don’t have a pharmacy. Educational resources empower people to accelerate their careers or simply better understand ongoing issues such as upcoming elections.


Necessity Or Luxury: Why Farmers Need Broadband

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, with the help of broadband internet, farmers are predicted to generate $18 billion to $23 billion annually. However, most of rural America lacks access to broadband. Farmers without broadband rely on poor internet connections to track thousands of data points that ultimately affect their success.


How Your Location Decides Your Internet Speed Results

Billions of people connect to the internet every day. In the United States, internet service providers offer what we need to connect. These providers usually have tiered options for customers that determine their maximum internet speed. Although these numbers are publicly accessible and can be seen on your bill, performing an internet speed test is usually the best way to see what internet speeds you are receiving.


From no Internet to Blazing, High-Speed Internet … out in the ‘sticks!’ 

Mike, a recent National OnDemand customer, had a major problem. He was a successful digital marketer, but he lived in the rural south with no access to high-speed internet when he was away from work. It’s hard to work outside the office with no connection. The crazy part is that Mike managed this technical disadvantage for a decade.