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National OnDemand Acquires TK Telecom Construction

BURLINGTON, NC – National OnDemand, Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has completed its acquisition of TK Telecom Construction (TK), a company providing construction, MDU and drop bury services in the Southeast region.


An Introduction to the Aerial Lineman Job

You may not have given much thought to what it takes for our beloved electronics like mobile phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles to work. Streaming your favorite movie, browsing through YouTube, or sending memes to your friends can be done in seconds, with just the click of a button. High-speed internet exists thanks to skilled professionals who maintain telecommunication structures and install new fiber optic cables.


High-Speed Internet in a Post-Pandemic Life

For those of us who live in urban or suburban areas, navigating life without high-speed internet is truly unthinkable. How tough would life have been if the internet had not been around during the pandemic? Just a fair bit of research on previous pandemics will leave you feeling deeply grateful.


National OnDemand acquires A+ Communications

BURLINGTON, N.C. — National OnDemand, Inc. today announced the completion of its acquisition of A+ Communications (“A+”), a company providing telecommunications services since its incorporation in 2001.


Fiber Optic Cables: Miles to Go in the Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we have finally been at the receiving end of some hopeful news. With people slowly adjusting to the new normal, and restaurants and businesses resuming operations owing to the ease in lockdowns, worries that once pertained to the pandemic have started to wane. The more pressing issue now is that of joblessness.


How Our Fiber Projects Can Help Face EdTech Challenges

The term “digital divide” best describes the invisible yet very real wall that separates the students and teachers of rural America from the rest of the country