National OnDemand is the one-source company that provides full turn-key solutions that will get your project done. Whatever your project requires, National can offer expert project management, engineering, permitting, splicing, testing, emergency restoration, and maintenance.

When it comes to large fiber optic build outs, National OnDemand delivers industry leading expertise to construction of both aerial and underground fiber plant. We have the capability to construct fiber plant by conventional strand/lash methods or ADSS as well as underground burial.

From installing support strand to lashing the messenger fiber optic cabling, the industry has quickly come to know the quality and professionalism that comes with partnering with us.

Our aerial construction teams safely construct fiber plant according to industry standards and specifications. We have built a reputation for safely and successfully installing aerial fiber in both the conventional communications space as well as within the neutral zone of the power space.

Our underground construction teams are well versed in placement of underground fiber plant utilizing various placement methods. The underground teams place fiber plant via directional drill, missile bore, plow, trench, micro-trench, excavation, vacuum excavation and blown fiber.

Fiber Construction in Texas

Fiber Splicing

Our fiber splice teams are equipped with high end fusion splice machines and OTDRs and have been certified through our internal fiber splicer training program. This program ensures that we have adequate fiber splicer resources to meet this specific and growing need within the industry.

Fiber Splicing in a Hut

Project Management

National OnDemand will bring the appropriate resources to ensure an on time and successful completion of the project. Our teams consist of leaders that are well experienced in large project management and all aspects of OSP fiber construction, fiber splicing and testing.

National OnDemand uses an internal database to manage material issuance and reconciliation, project workflows and quality documentation and tracking. This internal database provides National OnDemand with the ability to report on all aspects of project management and status in detail.


National OnDemand makes safety a priority. We have a comprehensive Safety Program that addresses specific safety concerns and provides guidance for the performance of our individual job tasks within the framework of appropriate Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards and any other relevant standards pertaining to fiber construction. We assign local dedicated safety coordinator(s) to every project to help create and ensure a safety awareness culture through ongoing training and field interaction.

“National OnDemand has one of the strongest safety organizations I’ve seen for fiber construction. We always see them with the correct PPE, flagging correctly, and every crew member has the best hard hats. We’re averaging 30 miles per week, and they do a wonderful job of keeping up with the safety aspect, not only for the public, but for their own employees as well.”

Matthew Martens – Systems Engineer, Tri-County Electric Co-op

These local coordinators report directly to corporate safety leadership located at our corporate headquarters. This ensures a direct line of communication to senior leadership. All employees receive inter-active safety training using the information contained in our Safety Program, National OnDemand’s extensive individual Safety Plans, on-site weekly safety meetings, on-the-job training, online courses, formal instruction and/or any other relevant methods needed to ensure a safe working environment.

Operating Divisions

National OnDemand delivers industry leading expertise providing full turnkey solutions that are comprised of our four operating divisions: Engineering, Construction, Last Mile & Training Centers.