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How Social Lives of East Texans Will Soon Change

Almost 52% of Rural Residents across America use the internet, but they are not happy.

While we munch on popcorn and binge-watching shows on Netflix using a high-speed internet connection, it is hard to imagine that rural Americans are still trying to get their dial-up internet to work to send an email.

In these fast-paced times, internet connectivity defines prosperity and makes this world a global village. However, residents of East Texas are cocooned in their own shell, unable to reach out to the world or even to each other. The internet connection is either frustratingly slow or non-existent. This impacts the social engagement of these people negatively, and they demand change.

4 Ways the Fiber Optic Project Can Impact the Social Lives of Rural East Texans

This communication barrier is disrupting the social lives of East Texans. To overcome this barrier, National OnDemand is planting thousands of miles of fiber optic cable to ensure the provision of high-speed internet to locals of the remote areas of the second largest state of America. You can understand the significance of this project by looking at the impact it can have on the lives of East Texans.

Here are four ways in which the Fiber Optic Project in East Texas is going to change the social landscape of the region:

1. Ease of Staying In Touch With Loved Ones

You would find several residents of East Texas who have decided to grow old on their farms and ranches or have taken early retirement to spend time with their families. Unfortunately, the millennials in their families are turning towards big cities to seek better opportunities. When coupled with the lack of internet connectivity in the region, this social change has caused the generational gap to widen further. Although these young family members wish to spend time with their grandparents, it is hard for them to live in a place that cuts them off from the rest of the world. Older members of the family deserve a better system of communication as well.

The completion of the Fiber Optic Project in East Texas would mean that locals would be able to see their friends and families across America in real-time on their computer screens via VOIP and video calls. This would be the fastest and easiest way of staying in touch with loved ones.

2. Better Civic Engagement and Awareness

Rural communities of East Texas either rely on satellite internet or the obsolete dial-up. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the satellite internet in this area is quite slow. The lack of quality internet connectivity options has kept this rural community back from the larger discourse on the internet. Not only do they lack awareness of social problems, but they are unable to contribute to different social causes.

The idea of Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) offers a stable, high-speed internet connection that would allow the residents to voice their concerns via social media platforms. They will be free to discuss politics with family and friends and play their role as a citizen of the country more actively. They will be free to give their opinions on social problems and support organizations and causes that they like.

3. Greater Social Media Presence

The youth of East Texas would benefit from the fiber optic project the most. They will be able to use social media to interact with their generation in an effective manner and not feel left behind. Through social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they would gain an insight into what’s what and who’s who. Having access to the internet would allow them to learn about the latest trends, therefore giving them a confidence boost.

4. Active Online Dating Scene

Poor internet connectivity has also affected the personal lives of East Texans. In this day and age, dating has gone online, and using matchmaking websites and dating apps has become the norm. The internet has helped people take their dating game up a notch. Why should east Texans be left behind? With the Fiber Optic Project, people of East Texas will be able to an active online dating scene. Instead of relying on community events and friends to meet new people, they will interact with other singles in the area, plan dates, and even find their future partners on the internet. Everyone deserves a fair shot at true love, and East Texas Fiber Project will play its part in making some happily-ever-afters happen.


This was just a glimpse into what this project could mean for the locals. The power of high-speed internet would accelerate the pace with which East Texas move towards social development and prosperity.