Broadband Networks Accelerate Internet Speeds and Quality of Life

Previously seen as a luxury only available in more urban areas, broadband internet is becoming an option across the country due to a surge in broadband network infrastructure construction.

Various issues in rural communities are finally being addressed thanks to high speed internet. Telehealth services offer solutions to people unable to get to a doctor’s office to see a professional. They assist patients to get their prescription drugs delivered if they don’t have a pharmacy. Educational resources empower people to accelerate their careers or simply better understand ongoing issues such as upcoming elections. People in rural areas can pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities. Grocery delivery services can traverse food deserts and provide people with the groceries they need for their life.

These are just a few examples of the broadband-reliant resources changing the quality of rural life.

Telemedicine empowers people far from hospitals or offices

The pandemic slammed hospitals and doctor’s offices with patients, accelerating the development of appointment alternatives. Rather than be forced to schedule appointments months in advance, people gained the option of virtual appointments, also known as telemedicine. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications for medical check-ups. This service reduced the stress on heavily congested offices and allowed people with minor symptoms to stay home. After a virtual consultation, patients needing prescription drugs could have them mailed, eliminating the secondary need of going to a pharmacy.

Medical professional utilizes broadband access to listen to patient over telemedical service
Medical professional listens to patient over telemedical service

These services can be life changing for individuals who live over half an hour from the nearest town or medical office. Telemedicine and prescription mailers ultimately empower rural residents to get the medical care they need without having to sacrifice valuable resources such as time, transportation, and fuel. This helps those without the physical ability or access to medical offices get their needs met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

However, without high speed internet as a backbone, these services are useless to rural residents.

Internet access grants educational resources

The term ‘educational resources’ goes beyond the typical K-12 box. Broadband internet helped online schooling at the start of the pandemic by filling the gap between school resources and students. Now it provides necessary resources for all aspects of life, even outside of academia.

For example, someone can read up on election candidates using the internet. This example regarding voting would entail a constituent researching relevant candidates’ previous decisions and philosophy and how they mesh with their campaign promises. Being an educated voter would be much more difficult without the internet in local elections. Social media can be a useful source, but lacks credibility and can be hard to research specific topics.

Another example of the power of internet research involves cooking. Everyone needs to eat, but not everyone gets to eat healthy food. People can utilize YouTube videos for fast, healthy, cost-effective meals that suit their needs and dietary restrictions. This helps those seeking to make lifestyle adjustments for health or financial reasons do so with minimal effort. Food is necessary and having the ability to prepare and eat the food one needs upgrades one’s quality of life. However, with slow internet speeds, YouTube and other video-based websites can be difficult if not impossible to use without adequate broadband speeds and availability.

Adult learners need online academic resources

Although K-12 has largely reverted to in-person learning, online educational services are still an incredibly vital resource to adult learners. Internet-based program availability skyrocketed during the pandemic. Programs are available for online colleges or universities and trade certifications with many being free or reduced in cost. Adults may benefit the most from this as they can access the programs necessary to advance their career on their own time, in the comfort of their home, and while working their daily job. These resources can be accessed without the need for a physical classroom. Without stable internet, these educational offerings are non-existent.

Broadband empowers entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a time-exhaustive endeavor, yet it enables the individual to be self-employed and self-reliant. Jobs can literally be few and far between in rural areas, prompting workers to drive substantial distances every day for employment. With broadband internet, new opportunities arise.

At its core, entrepreneurship is the ability to employ oneself. Entrepreneurship encompasses all business sectors and provides unique responsibilities with a significant portion relying on the internet. Communication is a critical component of any successful company since successful businesses foster good relationships with clients and customers. Without the internet, communicating becomes increasingly difficult.

Entrepreneur checks over blueprint draft

Rural entrepreneurs can operate out of a facility of their choosing. They can work from a home, outbuilding or garage, reducing the associated overhead costs of owning a business. These individuals can sell goods, open consulting firms, produce art like music or pottery and more from their home.

Grocery delivery services offer solutions to food deserts

A ‘food desert’ is defined as “an area that has limited access to affordable and nutritious food,” which includes rural communities that are far from any grocery store. If someone doesn’t have access to reliable transportation, getting a necessity becomes a Herculean task. Grocery delivery services can circumvent these obstacles by distributing fresh produce, meat, and other goods to homes that can’t otherwise access stores.

Grocery delivery services offer ways to customize orders before they ship. This allows people to select what they need rather than settling for less. This is also a great option for people with dietary restrictions that, even with access to a store, may not be able to purchase the groceries they need.

Broadband is a necessity, not a luxury

High speed internet offers life-changing solutions to people in rural areas. Telemedicine, educational resources, entrepreneurship, and grocery delivery services are all examples of what lies a few keyboard clicks away to those with access. Broadband internet empowers people to overcome issues like distance, finances, and transportation by connecting them directly to platforms, people or professionals that can help them. Although high speed internet was previously seen as a benefit of living in urban areas, it is no longer a luxury for urbanites. Rather, broadband networks need to be available in all communities for everyone to access. National OnDemand is already working to make that possible.

A National OnDemand operator standing beside a multi-directional drill

National OnDemand specializes in rural broadband infrastructure construction

National OnDemand has already constructed thousands of miles of rural fiber in communities across the country. We are available Anytime, Anywhere to help connect people to the services they need. National provides full-turnkey solutions through our Construction and Last Mile Divisions and can complete projects from the buildout to the home installation.

If you are interested in starting a career with National Ondemand we have careers in fiber construction, fiber splicing, underground operators, cable technician, aerial lineman and more!

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