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National OnDemand bolsters fiber construction capabilities through Unified Utility Alliance acquisition

BURLINGTON, NC – National OnDemand, Inc. (National), a communications and utility infrastructure provider based in Burlington, North Carolina, announced today it has acquired Unified Utility Alliance, Inc. (UUA), a leader in fiber optic cable construction headquartered in London, Kentucky.  The acquisition will accelerate National OnDemand’s geographic growth and augment its fiber construction labor force as it continues to be a premiere provider of Fiber, Wireless, Energy and Technology services in the United States.

“We are excited to welcome UUA’s strong construction workforce to National’s team to help support our clients and those of our combined businesses,” said Douglas Boteler, CEO of National OnDemand.  “The leadership at UUA has built a reputation for exceptional production exceeding quality standards which has resulted in an impressive growth streak over the past six years.  Our ability to provide the back-office corporate support, CAPEX funding and business development will help them maximize their capabilities and provide great career opportunities for their team members.”

“We have crew members with the talent to be foremen on their own projects, and with the support from National OnDemand, they are going to have that opportunity,” said Greg Henson, Co-Founder of UUA.

“We are looking forward to helping National OnDemand continue its mission in becoming one of the largest service providers in the United States.”

Greg Henson, Co-Founder of UUA

“When we weighed the options and benefits that an acquisition such as this could bring to us and our team, we ultimately decided to partner with National OnDemand,” said Daniel Asher, Co-Founder of UUA.  “National OnDemand’s immense work volume allows our leaders to separate themselves and build their own crews, which affects their future and provides them with more opportunity than we could provide alone.”

Unified Utility Alliance grew from eight employees to nearly 90 in the six years since forming in 2016 and has built its success through fiber and coaxial construction, fiber splicing and troubleshooting.

National OnDemand strengthens its ability to provide services anytime, anywhere, with an aggressive growth strategy that includes finding complementary acquisition partners as well as curating a team of crew members who specialize in quickly ramping up new projects. In December 2021, the rapid growth of National OnDemand garnered the attention of and partnership with its first institutional investor, Charlotte-based Blue Point Capital Partners.

From left: Douglas Boteler (CEO, National), Corey Brock (Previously CEO, UUA; now Sr. Regional Manager, National), Greg Henson (Previously Cofounder, UUA; now Sr. Regional Manager, National), Mark Henson (Previously Cofounder, UUA; now Sr. Regional Manager, National), Daniel Asher (Previously Cofounder, UUA; now Sr. Regional Manager, National), Tim Standafer (COO, National)

Unified Utility Alliance is a cable and fiber construction company founded in 2016 by brothers Greg and Mark Henson, formerly of Straight Line Cable, and Daniel Asher, formerly of Asher Communications.  UUA specializes in aerial and underground construction and employs nearly 90 employees from the local community of Laurel County, Kentucky.  The owners pride themselves on working actively in the field when needed and are currently working on projects in Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas.

UUA Acquisition Bolsters National OnDemand's Fiber Construction Capabilities